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Once Ad Frank read the words, he knew he had the basis for a song, if not an entire new album. "For whatever reason - exhibitionism or whatever - my ex-girlfriend gave me permission to read her diary," explains Ad. "As soon as I saw that she had written in there that I was the 'World's Best Ex- Boyfriend' the song pretty much took care of itself." The track is pure, manic heartbreak and the perfect title for the follow-up to 2003's In Girl Trouble. Now Ad is back with his band, The Fast Easy Women, for a tight trip through songs that evoke both asleep-at-the-bar loneliness and cutting wit. Featuring members of Tracy Bonham, Francine, and Garvy J, the band's glam/new-wave/cabaret epoxy expertly binds together all of Ad's varying loves and influences, resulting in a punchy, moving, and occasionally danceable album. Ad will celebrate his new release with a series of shows throughout the U.S. in March and April of 2005, so that he may continue sending women running to the bathroom in tears.

New album out this month! Ad & the Fast Easy Women will be on tour throughout the spring and summer.


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The World's Best Ex-Boyfriend

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